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Wellbeing Day Centre

E: daycentre@wellbeingcare.co.uk | T: 01502 446 600

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The Wellbeing Day Centre offers personalised day care for older people who enjoy living in their own home, but may want a bit of company and support from time to time.

The opportunity to unwind, mingle and have a ton of fun has an enormously beneficial outcome for the visitors of Wellbeing Day Centre. This empowers our visitors to remain living in their own home, whilst giving their carers a truly necessary break every now and then. It can also help enhance confidence and improve quality of life at home to make it that much more enjoyable.

Wellbeing Day Centre offer a warm, friendly, homely atmosphere where companions, old and new, can talk over refreshments and participate in our many invigorating activities or appreciate different types of therapies.


Wellbeing Care is here to help you and your family. All Wellbeing Care homes take pride in the high standard of care we deliver – if you would like to find out more about our homes and the care we provide, please get in touch.


Wellbeing Day Centre is a trading name of Wellbeing Care Ltd, a company registered in England.

“Used the Wellbeing Day Centre whilst on holiday, it's an excellent facility and gave me time to relax with my family, knowing my sister was being very well cared for.”

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Sister of Resident - Wellbeing Day Centre

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