Why it is important to take care when deciding the right care home?

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Deciding the right care home should not be a rushed process. You wouldn’t rush choosing your first house, car or pet so why should this be any different? Often people are rushed into a care home due tounexpected health emergencies and instability, therefore it is important to plan and discuss the appropriate path with friends and family prior and ensure an excellent standard of elderly living.

               There are three main types of care homes: residential, nursing care and a combination of the both. There are also opportunities for day care and supported living for those who feel more comfortable within their own home, but who need the support of experienced and friendly care helpers. However, the salience of all of these examples is centred on ensuring a comfortable and safe environment. A residential care home is arguably the most home-like setting to choose offering premium accommodation, delicious home-cooked meals, individual and personal care, entertainment and social activities, medical assistance and a focus on physical and mental wellbeing.

               Wellbeing is an important aspect of everyday life for all ages and is essential when taking care in deciding the correct care home for yourself or a loved one. Nursing homes in Northampton such as The Cottage Care Home situated in the picturesque village of Irchester near Wellingborough in Northamptonshire focuses on “The Wellbeing Care way of life” through choice, dignity and care. They pride themselves in treating all their residents as individuals and concentrating their attention on the resident’s comments and wishes on how the care home should be run. This Northampton nursing home has been announced as the “Top 3 Most Recommended” care homes in Wellingborough and includes contented clients such as daughter of resident, Terri, who says that The Cottage is a “lovely place. Staff are sweet, caring and patient, always clean and Dad’s always busy”.

               Furthermore, when taking care in choosing the right care home, decisions made must be right for you. If there is still life, there is still a form of voice and this should not be compromised. This focus on the individual is reflected in The Cottage Care Homes vast range of support to not only the elderly but to dementia care in Northampton. The word “dementia” can often be quite terrifying and ambiguous, whereby symptoms often include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem solving or language. These changes are often small to start with but can become so severe that they affect daily life. The skilled, trained and friendly staff at this Northampton senior living facility focus on quality no matter what service is required. Everyone is different, and it is important to choose a home that can adapt their care to suit a person’s needs.

               Would you really rush into buying a car that doesn’t start or a house that has no windows? If not, then why should you rush taking care in determining a care home? When deciding,emphasise the word “care” reflected in residential homes in Northampton such as The Cottage Care Home; a place focused on ensuring a comfortable and attentive standard of Northampton senior living.

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