When To Seek Help From A Residential Care Home

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Realising that yourself or a loved one is no longer able to care for themselves adequately at home can be a difficult hurdle to face and can open up frightening prospects that need to be faced. It is important to remember that moving into a residential care home or nursing home does not mean a complete loss of independence, as so many often think it does. More often than not, once the individual has had an opportunity to adjust to their new surroundings and form friendships, this change is welcomed, bringing with it opportunities for activities and a level of socialisation that many residents have missed out on for years as their condition left them isolated in their own home.

Whether you or your loved one are living with a condition such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s, or are physically no longer able to care for themselves due to aging, living in a home with a team of staff fully trained in caring for their needs can be a huge relief for every person involved.

24 Hour Support

Living in a residential care home in Northampton, whether you are receiving elderly care or dementia care, ensures that your loved one is provided with the support they need to continue living life as fully and as independently as possible. 24-hour support also means that both resident and family can rest easy knowing their one is cared for and in a safe environment equipped to deal with any issues that may arise.

Recovering From An Operation or Illness

If you or your loved one is usually able to care for themselves competently from home but has recently undergone surgery or other debilitating treatments, a short stay in a nursing care home ensures that they receive the care and attention they need while symptoms and conditions can be monitored closely. This form of care is particularly useful if the individual is injured and would not be able to take care of their own personal hygiene or food for themselves at home, or medication that is difficult to administer. Ensuring they are safely on the road to recovery, family and friends can feel rest assured that their loved one is in safe hands without interfering in their own schedule.

Temporary Care

A short stay in residential care can be a great relief for family members or other full-time carers if a break is needed for any reason. For families providing dementia care, elderly care or Alzheimer’s care to loved ones full time, business trips, holidays or visiting friends or family can seem like an impossibility. For some, if the level of care required is extensive, providing full time care while maintaining their own lives can be very tiring. Temporary care in a residential care home or nursing home in Northampton provides local families and full-time carers with some much needed relief in their time of need, allowing families to travel with peace of mind that their loved one is well looked after and receiving all the care and attention they need.

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