What Is Respite Care and How Can You Benefit?

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Respite care refers to a short-term stay in a residential or nursing care home that provides professional care in a facility equipped to provide dementia care, Alzheimer’s care or elderly care. Available at The Cottage Nursing Home in Northampton both planned and unplanned in the event of an emergency, respite care ensures you or your loved one receives proper care in the temporary absence of a full-time carer.

Social Interaction

A huge benefit of respite care for those that usually receive care from within their own home or a family home is the increased social interaction. A great opportunity to meet new people in similar situations, a period of respite care provides the chance to participate in group activities, outings and excursions that may otherwise not be possible. 

A Change of Scenery

A one or two week stay in our residential care home in Northampton provides a simple change of scenery that can be so important to mental wellbeing for those receiving live-in care or home care. With a change of faces, people to interact with and even a simple change in food, a respite stay in our residential care home in Northampton will ensure you or your loved one feels at home and enjoys plenty of stimulating activities.

New Experiences

A respite stay in our residential care home in Northampton allows those receiving Dementia care, Alzheimer’s care or palliative care the opportunity to participate in activities and experiences that are otherwise unavailable. Providing regular excursions to nearby attractions with other residents from all walks of life, residents are provided the opportunity to experience new things and surroundings with new friends.

Prepare for Residential Care

For some, respite care is also a fantastic opportunity to become familiar with a residential care home before making the move. Making the move to a residential care home can be very unsettling for residents. A stay in respite care allows individuals to meet residents before the move, become familiar with the home and ensure that the move is the right for them.

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