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At The Dell Care Home in Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, we make sure our staff understand and get to know our residents well. Of course, they know not just the important things about being caring and responsive, but the little things too, such as how our resident like to dress, what colour nails they like or how they like their cup of tea, which matters just as much!wellbeingcare-we are Unique1

We also make sure we get to know their families as well. If a relative has a sense of guilt that their loved one is living with us due to not being able to care for them at home, it’s useful to know and enables us to respond to their feelings and offer them support when they come to visit. In fact, some relatives have their daily lunch with us or some have got to know us so well that they’ve come to work here as volunteers when their family member has passed away. It’s this understanding we hope which assist our residents to settle well and helps us to be responsive to their individual needs.

At the beginning of each shift at The Dell Care Home, one team communicates to the other the daily updates and key information about our residents. We use electronic devices to ensure the information is updated instantly and residents are entrusted in our care.

Wellbeing Care which operates The Dell Care Home also runs the Wellbeing Day Centre for over people aged 55 or over. Here we provided activities, home cooked meals and the Wellbeing Day Centre is well known for our unique person-centred care. The activities are outstanding as much as much as engaging. Have a look at some here: https://tinyurl.com/y75rbtyj

At The Dell Care Home we always ask residents for their ideas on what we could do to improve their stay with us, and it’s led to some great and unique improvements. We have completely modernised our lounge area and added dementia friendly colours wellbeingcare-we are Unique2which the residents and family adore. Some lovely images here: https://tinyurl.com/y9um6fmr  Our next plan for 2018 is to upgrade and modernise the entrance and dining areas to better suit our resident’s choice and needs. We involve the residents in selecting the colours, fabrics to even bringing a whole lorry load of furniture so they can try it out for their comfort levels….. and there are plans underway to do much more….

We are currently working closely with East Coast College about their staff doing voluntary work with us … and you know what, the students have been amazing. Just some of their most wonderous work here: https://tinyurl.com/yb7unkw8

We also hold regular Residents and Relatives Meetings and our more recent one was a big success. We made punch and cake for attendees, both of which went down very well. We also do our best to help relatives who live abroad feel included and many have told us they love the activities and pictures we post on social media because they can see how happy everyone is here. https://tinyurl.com/ya3c2rkp

wellbeingcare-we are Unique3

We are a friendly bunch here The Dell Care Home and Wellbeing Day Centre, always ready to offer visitors a warm welcome so why not pop in for a cuppa or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Wellbeingcare/

 Joy Henshaw is the Home Manager at The Dell Care Home in Lowestoft which has been independently rated in the Top 3 Care Homes in Waveney and Lowestoft.

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