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5 Best Problem-Solving Activities to Try With Your Loved One

8th June

8th June

Are you keen to discover some fun problem-solving activities to try with your loved one?

From puzzles to strategy-focused board games, problem-solving activities can help to boost your mental and cognitive abilities.

Try the below activities with your loved one to maximise your brain health:

Problem Solving Activities: Word/Number Games and Quizzes

Word games can help to enhance memory, expand vocabulary and improve concentration.

Some beneficial problem solving word games include crosswords and word searches. These are a great bonding activity that you can enjoy with a loved one to encourage teamwork and boost creative thinking.

Number games are also excellent problem solving activities, as they can help your loved one use logic and reasoning to complete them.

Sudoku, for example, is brilliant for solving either independently or as a team. There are different levels available for varying abilities, so you can acquire easier/more challenging games, in addition to themed ones.

Play Strategy-Focused Board Games

Playing board games involves light competition, which can encourage quick-thinking and forward planning.

Strategy games such as Chess, Scrabble or Monopoly can encourage strategic and critical thinking. They can also help to boost productivity, boost your processing skills and increase cognitive performance.

Problem Solving Activities: Solve Puzzles

If you’re looking for beneficial problem solving activities, puzzles are a fantastic option.

Puzzles can promote mindfulness, helping your loved one to feel relaxed. You can buy personalised puzzles with images of family, friends or pets; these make great gifts, and are a lovely activity to do together.

There are plenty of variations to choose from; you could opt for a 500 or 1000 piece puzzle or, for something more challenging, why not try completing a 3D puzzle or Rubik’s cube?

How to Improve Problem Solving Skills: Set Up Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts can be an incredibly effective way of boosting problem solving skills. Your loved ones will need to pay attention to the riddle or clue that will lead them to each hidden item.

As well as being an effective problem solving activity, it can also promote exercise, as they’ll need to move around to find each hiding place.

This is a stimulating activity for all age groups; why not encourage your family to get together and split into teams to add a competitive element to your scavenger hunt?

How to Improve Problem Solving Skills: Visualise Your Goals

If you have goals in your life that you’ve not achieved, why not create a manifestation board to help you realise your dreams?

By setting intentions, you’re taking the first step towards making your goals a reality. To create your board, you could use images or snippets from newspapers and magazines, pictures, or items you’ve collected.

Once you’ve finished, display it in a place that you often visit. Don’t forget, you can add to your board as you go, or remove goals that are no longer relevant. Having a visual display of your goals can serve as a reminder to keep working towards them.

If you’ve found this blog on how to improve problem solving skills helpful, why not read our previous blog to find out more about reminiscence therapy?

Alternatively, please contact a member of our team for more information about our care services.

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