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Our Care Homes in Suffolk: What to Expect When Your Loved One Moves into Care

6th April

6th April

Is your loved one moving into care?

Here at Wellbeing Care, we understand the difficulties you may be experiencing when coming to terms with your loved one moving away from home.

Here, we’re sharing what you can expect for your loved one as they move into one of our care homes in Suffolk:

Care Homes in Suffolk: Supporting the Transition Period

When your loved one first moves into care, there’s often an adjustment period as you both get used to your new ways of life. You’ll be learning to adapt to them being away, and they’ll be adjusting to a new environment.

This can often feel daunting and you may experience a mixture of conflicting emotions. This is completely normal, and once you both get used to them living in care, you’ll focus more on the positive aspects of the move.

We’ll support you and your loved one however we can during this transition. We often buddy our new residents up so they have a friend they can lean on in the first few weeks. We’ll encourage them to take part in activities to help them integrate into our community.

We’ll also ask that you help them pack important items, such as photographs and ornaments, that can help them feel more at home.

Care Homes in Suffolk: Your Loved One Will Receive Expert Care

When your loved one moves into one of our care homes in Suffolk, you can expect them to receive an unparalleled level of care.

Specialising in dementia care, we help your loved one live an independent life that’s within their capabilities.

We coordinate activities that will help to improve your loved one’s cognitive function, memory, motor skills, and comprehension. These activities range from baking and crafts to exercise classes and day trips. We try to encourage them to take part in the sessions to help improve their emotional and physical well-being.

We also provide exceptional care for those living with dementia. We take the time to learn different methods of communication which can help us to understand them and vice versa.

Here at Wellbeing Care, we also create bespoke care plans for each resident. This will reassure you that your loved one is receiving the very best person-centred care.

Care Homes in Suffolk: Understanding it’s For the Best

It can still feel unsettling to move your loved one into care, despite knowing they’re with capable and loving hands.

Your loved one can enjoy a fulfilling life at Wellbeing Care, with round-the-clock care and support should they need it. They’ll be in a safe and secure environment with like-minded individuals where they can have fun.

It’s not only your loved one who will benefit from moving into care. When you’re no longer their main carer, you can focus on spending more quality time with them and enjoying their company. This can help to improve your mental health and give you the freedom to focus on yourself a little bit more.

We have two care homes in Suffolk - The Dell and St George’s. If you’d like more information about either home, please contact a dedicated member of our team.

Alternatively, why not read our previous blog to find out more about person-centred care for dementia?

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