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Person-Centred Care for Dementia | What is it and How Can it Help?

17th February

17th February

What is person-centred care for dementia?

When your loved one receives a dementia diagnosis, you may not fully understand the terminology presented to you.

One such phrase is ‘person-centred care’. Here, we break down the meaning of person-centred care for dementia to help you understand your loved one’s care:

What is Person-Centred Care for Dementia?

Person-centred care for dementia is a model of care that focuses on your loved one’s individual and personal needs. These can include their values, beliefs, culture and religion.

On its basic level though, person-centred care simply refers to considering someone's emotional needs and freedom of choice, in addition to their medical requirements.

When your loved one receives a dementia diagnosis, it’s important that they retain their sense of identity. Person-centred care plans ensure that the individual is at the forefront of their care, and is enabled to make active decisions about their day-to-day life where possible.

Person-Centred Care for Dementia: Bespoke Care Pathways

Person-centred care for dementia involves your loved one in every stage of their planning. They have the right to ask questions, put forward ideas and requests, and be heard.

With a dementia diagnosis, your loved one may not always know the best way to do this, and so person-centred care for dementia allows your family to be involved in the care planning and delivery, too.

We welcome families to support their loved ones and have a say in their care - after all, who knows your loved one better than you?

Here at Wellbeing Care, we’ll always discuss and coordinate care in line with you and your loved one’s preferences, wants and needs.

Enabling Your Loved One and Treating Them with Dignity and Respect

Person-centred care for dementia enables your loved one to live freely within the realms of their capabilities, with all the love and support they need - both physically and emotionally.

Our staff will use the person-centred approach to ensure your loved one’s care is delivered with respect and dignity. This includes ensuring that they feel comfortable and safe in a home-from-home environment.

We adopt a patient and loving approach when communicating with our residents, and we design all our care plans intricately around individual needs and desires.

Person-Centred Care for Dementia: Access to Information

You and your loved one can access information at any time, and we’d be happy to help with anything you’re unsure of.

Using the person-centred care for dementia approach, we’ll keep you informed about food, medicine, changes and any other important information regarding your loved one’s care and wellbeing.

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Alternatively, please contact a member of our team for more information about our dementia care services.

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