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5 Benefits of Online Volunteering: Opening up a World of Opportunities

4th August

4th August

Have you taken part in any online volunteering?

With so many opportunities arising for volunteering online, we’re looking into the benefits of online volunteering - from ample socialising opportunities to skill development.

Online Volunteering Instils a Sense of Purpose

One of the many benefits of online volunteering is that it can instil a sense of purpose. Particularly over the past year when we were isolated at home, online volunteering opened up a world of possibilities and interactions that you may not have had the chance to access before.

Being able to participate in online volunteering helps you to feel a part of something big and get involved in the community, and you’ll feel good for helping to make a difference.

Online Volunteering Offers a Chance to Connect

Another of the benefits of online volunteering is that it offers you the chance to meet new people online and connect with like-minded individuals.

This can help to reduce loneliness by providing you with plenty of opportunities to interact with people, as well as rallying a sense of community when completing a project together.

Why not look at ways you could come together - perhaps you could organise an online raffle to raise money for your local area?

Online Volunteering is Flexible

Online volunteering can offer you flexibility when you participate, since you don't necessarily have to leave the house. This means that you may be able to volunteer when you haven’t previously been able to because you can work around other commitments.

The convenience of volunteering from home means that you may be able to do much more for your chosen project or group, and won’t have to worry about transport, costs or timings.

Online Volunteering Can Help to Broaden Your Skill Set

Volunteering online can help you to improve your computer skills, which can then benefit other areas of your life.

Being able to efficiently use a computer for all your volunteering can boost your confidence, and as these skills are transferable you can use them in other aspects of your life, such as getting a new job or doing an online course.

You may improve your skills on online polls, social media platforms, spreadsheets, or emails; all of these can be extremely useful in everyday life or in your line of work.

Online Volunteering Can Help You to Feel Good

Helping others and volunteering your time can help you to feel good about yourself, and boost your mood.

Having regular interactions, doing something useful and making a difference in people’s lives can all contribute to improving your mental health and helping you to feel good.

Volunteering online can encourage you to feel proud of yourself for the important work you’re doing, and you’ll feel accomplished when your efforts come to fruition.

If you’ve enjoyed reading about the benefits of online volunteering, why not read our previous blog on selfless acts to boost camaraderie?

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