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Senior Living in Suffolk | An Aquatic Delivery

20th April

20th April

Recently, at our home for senior living in Suffolk, we arranged a special surprise for our residents.

We received a very generous donation, and after putting a lot of thought into how we could put it to good use, we decided to install an aquarium at St George’s!

The donation was made by the wonderful family of John Bird, a much-loved resident who sadly passed away in January.

We felt there was no better way to honour his memory; John loved tropical fish and kept them himself for 15 years, so it felt fitting to house tropical fish in the aquarium.

Installing Our Aquarium

John is very much missed in our care home, so we’re extremely grateful to his family for enabling us to install this amazing sensory experience for our residents, which will also serve as a wonderful reminder of him.

We are also grateful to our local aquatics shop, International Tropics who, when they heard of our plans to install an aquarium, kindly stepped in to donate an array of colourful artificial plants and tropical fish.

The Benefits of Animal Therapy

We hope that the aquarium will provide residents with a pleasant and calming sensory experience, as well as a suitably tranquil way of remembering John who, although only a resident for a short period, had become a much-loved member of our family.

John’s wife, Cynthia, said: “I’m so pleased that St George’s chose to use the donation to buy an aquarium for the home. John would have been over the moon, too, as he used to keep tropical fish himself for about 15 years. He enjoyed watching them swim around and found it incredibly relaxing.”

Studies show that observing fish can have a positive impact on physical and mental health and that ‘aquarium therapy’ can improve the mood, alertness, appetite, and temperament of people living with dementia. At our home for senior living in Suffolk, we’ve already started seeing the positive effects the fish are having on our residents, who are all delighted with the new addition to our communal lounge.

Joy Henshaw, our registered manager here at St George’s, said: “Our residents have taken to the new aquarium well - some have even got involved with naming the fish! As someone who was fond of fish himself, the aquarium is the perfect way of honouring John and we’re very grateful to his family for their donation, which enabled us to buy the tank.

“We’d also like to say a huge thank you to International Tropics, who were so generous with supplying plants and fish for the aquarium. It’s a lovely addition to the home and will bring joy to our residents for many years to come.”

We’re looking forward to seeing our residents enjoy the company of their fellow aquatic friends at our facility for senior living in Suffolk. Take a look at our previous blog for further insight into our dementia care methods.

Contact us for more information about our option for senior living in Suffolk.

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