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Healthcare Careers: Why Should You Consider a Career in Care?

8th March

8th March

Have you ever considered a career in care?

There is an abundance of avenues when it comes to healthcare careers, each one challenging and fulfilling in its own way.

Whether you’re looking to be a chef in a care home kitchen or train to be a registered nurse, there are plenty of options for you to consider when choosing a career in healthcare. You may be a school leaver wondering what route to take, or you may be in the world of work already and looking for a new challenge; either way, you’re in the right place.

In this week's blog, we look at how a healthcare career could be the way forward for you.

How the Healthcare Sector Offers Job Security

We’ll always have people in need of healthcare, and so we’ll always have a need for healthcare workers. It’s that simple. There’s job security in the healthcare sector because the need for care will never go away.

Care is needed round-the-clock, so your shifts can adjust accordingly if your personal circumstances change; this means that the flexibility of care can help with your job security and your long-term employment prospects.

Career Progression Within Healthcare

Healthcare careers are great for anyone starting out in the world of work because you don’t necessarily need prior qualifications. Training and courses can often be done on-the-job, so you can gain experience and qualifications at the same time. There’s always room for promotion and progression within healthcare careers, and employers welcome movement within the team.

Increasing opportunities for staff often goes hand-in-hand with a reduction in staff turnover, which is ideal for the employees, the company, and most importantly, the residents.

Healthcare Careers Offer Variety

If you’re already working and looking for a change of direction, healthcare careers can offer you something very different from the old ‘9-5’.

With shift patterns to suit your needs, you may find yourself having breakfast with a former pilot, or helping a former ballerina get ready for bed! There are so many different people for you to help each day - and coupled with the flexibility of hours and many roles to explore, you’re guaranteed that every day will offer you something new and different.

The people you meet, both residents and colleagues alike, will become your family; so each day will be like a new adventure with your own loved ones.

Should You Consider a Career in Care?

Although healthcare careers don’t always require higher education qualifications, there are some personal attributes that will stand you in good stead when applying for a career in healthcare. Carers need to be good with people. No matter your role within the healthcare industry, you will be working to improve the lives of others, and so a genuine interest and desire to help people is a priority when it comes to healthcare careers.

Your role will involve changing lives for the better; whether that’s by cooking nutritious meals tailored to individual needs, or planning physiotherapy sessions. Having such a direct influence on the lives of others, therefore, requires plenty of patience and compassion.

Healthcare careers are extremely rewarding, but they can also be challenging - so you’ll need to be determined and resilient. A positive, can-do attitude and being proactive will ensure you’re able to provide the best care for your residents.

Do you think a healthcare career sounds like it could be for you? Head over to our careers page for more information.

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