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Important Tips for Choosing a Care Home.

15th October

15th October

Finding the perfect place for your loved one to spend their next great chapter in is a big decision, and it all comes down to knowing what to look for. Whether you already have a clear picture in mind of the lifestyle your loved one will enjoy or you’re just beginning your process, here are some tips to think about to help you narrow down

An environment that suits your loved one's personality

The environment of a care home should be based on the unique personality and preferences of your loved one who needs care. Consider these questions: Is this person more introverted and quiet or social and outgoing? Would a place with a lot of other people around then provide a better environment for this person? Or is having a more quiet place better? Also, are there places where he or she can get outside and walk around? Do they like being on the move? Do they like pursuing hobbies like painting or playing an instrument? Do they feel at peace with landscapes and nature? Going back to these questions can serve as your guide to help you navigate your way to a decision.

A home-like atmosphere

The right atmosphere can help your loved one improve their mental health, quality of life, and even safety. Staying in a strange, unfamiliar place can be strenuous for the elderly so a community that is designed to evoke feelings of home, rather than a suffocating hospital setting, could help them relax and feel more at ease with their new chapter. Find a care home with both cosy indoor spaces and beautiful, tranquil outdoor spaces. Also consider amenities such as hair salons, libraries, music rooms, and other facilities that could maximise their time.

Proximity to you or other relatives

Whether the care home is located just a short drive away from loved ones or not should be taken into consideration. The proximity encourages more frequent visits--something which your elderly relatives need. It will also be easier for you or any other member of the family to show up should emergencies happen. With your loved ones knowing that you're living not too far away from them, they will continue to have a sense of purpose and be reminded that they can still be very much involved in your life. Studies show that being nearby relatives, especially grandchildren if they have any, can keep them young for longer.

Top-notch quality care and services

The older adults have specific lifestyle needs that require state-of-the-art facilities and the service of experts. However, the perfect care home goes beyond all that--from the facilities to the range of care services offered, all these factors should be developed through a person-centred approach. In other words, the services and facilities should exist with one person in mind: your loved one.

For us here at Wellbeing Care, we assure you that our approach focuses on our residents. They are our priority above anything else. Our facilities and services are all maximised to give each person the most comfortable and happiest time while living here. Meanwhile, our professional staff is passionate, skilled, and approachable, assuring you that your loved one will always be in good hands. Whether it's location, environment, services that you're prioritising for a care home, you'll check all the boxes on your checklist with Wellbeing! Request a tour in any of our locations in Suffolk and Northamptonshire today!

Wellbeing Care offers premium Residential Care Home and Day Care for Elderly and Supported Living for people with Learning Difficulties. We provide care for people with Dementia, Alzheimer, Respite Care, End of Life Care etc. 

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