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Introduction to Residential Care

At our Residential Care, the facilities are not only state-of-the-art but our highly trained staff are top notch. All of our services focus on maintaining people’s dignity, catering to their individual needs and creating a warm community environment where they feel a strong sense of belonging and enjoy a great quality of life.

Wellbeing Care offers many different types of care and support for adults. This includes care services for older people and people living with dementia. As well as supported living accommodation and support for adults with a range of different disabilities.

Our services include registered care services, supported living and respite support. No matter which service you experience at Wellbeing Care, our focus on quality means that people who use our services will receive individual care and support, which is personalised to them and is provided by skilled, trained, friendly staff.

Whether someone is looking for a few hours support with everyday tasks or full time care, the services that we offer are designed around the individual to ensure that they have choice, control and direction in the way that they are supported in everyday life.

Residential Care

The Wellbeing Care way of Life

At Wellbeing Care we pride ourselves in treating all our residents as individuals. We listen to their comments and wishes about the running of the care home, as we recognise that it is their home. Our care home has built up excellent reputations within their local communities with the vast majority of our new residents coming through recommendations from others. This has been established through our commitment to the on-going provision of dedicated quality care delivered within a high quality, yet homely environment.

We welcome visitors into our homes and encourage family members and friends to get involved in their loved-ones care and become part of the home’s life. Those looking for a care home are welcome to visit at any time.

Quality Care

We are committed to providing professional and respectful care, whilst maintaining exceptional standards. We recognise that everyone is different, so we adapt our care to suit each person’s needs.

We aim to create the right environment which supports physical and mental wellbeing, enabling our residents to maintain their rights, identity and independence as individuals; whilst creating a spirit of trust and confidence in our professional standards. Dignity and privacy are implicit in the standards of all our homes, which is encouraged with all members of staff through induction and on­going mentorship.

Philosophy of Care

The home is registered for 40 beds, and many with shared and private en-suite bathrooms. All of our rooms are individually styled and tastefully decorated.

Residential Care Philosophy

All residents are encouraged to make full use, where possible, of the excellent communal spaces at Wellbeing Care, including a large conservatory, garden, lounge and dining area.

These communal areas have been designed to guarantee a superb standard of living, and feature modern facilities and equipment in order to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Additional Services

Wellbeing Care Home is also pleased to offer the following additional services to their residents, some of which are chargeable:

Daily Newspapers

The Home can arrange for newspapers of your choice to be delivered daily from the local newsagent. The newsagent will send an account to you for payment.


A hairdresser visits the Home every week. You may of course continue using your regular hairdresser but if you wish to use the services of our visiting hairdresser please advise a member of staff who will then let your request be known to the hairdresser. The hairdresser will advise you of the charges.


Talking Books


Chiropody services are provided to those who are assessed as requiring this service from the NHS. You may employ your own private chiropodist who may visit the Home or arrange an appointment at his premises. If you are assessed not to require a chiropodist the staff will offer the help you require.

Local GPs

The Local Health Centre provides medical care to all the residents. A GP visits the home on an as and when required basis but normally you would be visited by the GP within a week of your admission. If you require seeing a doctor outside the normal visiting time the Staff will arrange a visit. G-Docs provide an out of hour’s service.

Local GP

Local Pharmacy

Our Local Pharmacist:


Our residents may visit their own dentist or request to have a visit from the local dentist. The dentist will advise any charges to you.


The home offers an eyesight test to each resident annually. The Outside Clinic visits the home twice a year. The Outside Clinic will advise you of any charges for spectacles. If you require repairs to spectacles our staff would be happy to arrange for this with the local optician. The optician may charge you for this service. You may also choose to visit the optician if you wish.

Regular Entertainment & Social Activities

Religious Services

TV Lounge

The Dell has two lounges where residents can socialise, engage in activities, meet with visitors. We also have a main lounge at the rear of the home with TV and other aids. There is also a ‘quiet lounge’ at the front of the home overlooking Cotmer Road, which also has a TV. Residents are free to use any of the facilities at The Dell Care Home.

TV & Telephone

The home has TV in each lounge. A resident is free to bring in their own TV and we will arrange for it to be connected.

You need to be covered by a TV Licence to:

  • watch or record live TV programmes on any channel (including BBC)
  • download or watch any BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand.

This applies to any provider you use and any device you use in your room, flat or bungalow, including a TV, desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, games console, digital box or Blu-ray/DVD/VHS recorder.

You may be able to get a concession on your licence.

Laundry Service


Family Visit


Activities are carried out each day by a qualified Activities Co-ordinator. There is a varied programme, including: library calls each week, gardening for the green fingered, trips out for lunch, boat trips on the Broads, arranged entertainment, such as singers, dancers, entertainment groups and as well as even management and staff singers. We also have some fun events which help raise money for the activities fund.

Regular Entertainment & Social Activities

People living with dementia should have access to a wide range of carefully considered individual and group activities, with plenty of opportunity to socialise with others.

At the Dell Care Home by focussing on a person’s likes, dislikes and what makes them happy we can plan activities that they will enjoy and find stimulating. It could be that the person used to dance when they were younger, so taking them to a dance show or competition could be most entertaining

We work with our customers to create something called a Life Story. Creating a Life Story involves recording relevant aspects of a person’s past with the aim of using this information to benefit them in their present situation. Developing Life Stories for people living with dementia enables the people caring for them to understand more about their personality, feelings, loved ones, experiences and future aspirations

Activities are carried out each day by a qualified Activities Co-ordinator. There is a varied programme, including: library calls, gardening for the green fingered, trips out for lunch, boat trips on the Broads, arranged entertainment, such as singers, dancers, entertainment groups, as well as even management and staff singers. We also have some fun events which help raise money for the activities fund.


Our people are what make our homes what they are. They’ve been chosen just as much for their caring and compassionate natures as for their qualifications and experience. Every member of staff genuinely cares about what they do and it shines through. We are proud of our excellent staff, who strive to work with a professional and friendly approach, accommodating resident requests and needs. All staff are hand-picked for their experience, qualifications, and above all, their own, individual skills.

Residential Staff

Staff – residential

When your relative or loved one first arrives at The Dell Residential Care Home they will be introduced to their very own designated carer or a Key Worker. The Key Carer will develop a relationship with your relative, supervising their care in every way; from arranging for their room to be just as they want it, to making sure everyone knows exactly how they like their tea! The designated carer will also organise any daily activities and will be fully responsible for the care plan, which is regularly reviewed and updated.

Our staff receive regular training and appraisals, and in line with government legislation, all staff are screened through the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) prior to staff being offered employment.

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