How The Cottage Nursing Home Keeps Residents Healthy and Active

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Staying active and fit is essential at any age but when it comes to our senior residents in our Northampton residential home, we feel it is even more important for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Fitness and staying active is associated with multitude of benefits such as a healthier heart, stronger bones, maintaining muscle mass and keeping joints active, but it also has a tremendous positive impact on mental wellbeing. A fun group activity gets the mind working, the residents smiling, and encourages those involved to maintain independence and an active lifestyle.

Improving The Mood

When we exercise, our body releases mind boosting endorphins that increase positive thinking and lessen feelings of depression. The effect that this has can last the whole day, making physical morning activities a fantastic way to lift up the residents in our elder home in Northampton. For those with conditions that can make light exercise difficult, our activities can be adapted so that all can feel included.

Improve Social Connections

Poor emotional connections are common amongst the elderly and for those living with life long debilitating conditions. This can lead to feelings of isolation and depression which can have a huge impact on the physical health of an individual. Through regular activities, games and outings that can be adapted for all residents, those receiving dementia care, elderly care, Huntington’s disease care and more can build emotional connections with fellow residents that will make them feel more included and at home in their surroundings.

Increased Mobility and Bone Strength

Form as early as age 40, our bone density begins to decline. This drastically accelerates from age 50, meaning that by the time our elderly residents come to us, they are likely to suffer from atrophied muscles, unstable body balance and poor blood flow. As we age, we tend to favour sitting down and more help is available to us. This, in fact, is highly damaging, as without exercise these problems worse. At our nursing home in Northampton, regular exercise acts as a deterrent to such conditions. We also encourage our residents to perform as many tasks for themselves as they are able, to help retain mobility as well as improving wellbeing through a sense of independence. Exercise and activities at The Cottage Nursing Home are designed by certified experts in mobility for the elderly and those receiving complex care or palliative care. Offering the opportunity to stay fit and motivated by positive thinking, our elderly home guarantees residents opportunities for healthy living, a healthy social life and healthy exercise.

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