Dignity in Care

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Dignity in care, supports and promotes, and does not undermine, a person’s self- respect regardless of any difference …

Dignity is not just about protecting and respecting the service user whilst providing personal care; it is far-reaching, and implicit in the standards of all our homes. Every person is unique and their dignity must be maintained at all times. This means we must treat them fairly with care and compassion, respect their choices and views and how they would like to be treated, at all times. After all, everybody is entitled to be treated equally and respectfully – and with dignity – it is our human right.

“At the heart of human rights is the belief that everybody should be treated equally and with dignity – no matter what their circumstances.” (Equality and Human Rights Commission. Human Rights Act 1998.)

When we consider how important our own dignity is, we can begin to appreciate how essential it is to maintain the dignity of those who need additional support. This comes in many forms, not least during personal care, when it must be recognised how dignity must be protected with support, without compromising the needs of the individual.

The need to maintain dignity therefore is a key aspect within a caring and supportive role, and is reflected in public policy. Dignity and privacy are fundamental to the standards of all our homes, which is encouraged with all members of staff through induction, on­going mentorship and continuous training.

At Wellbeing Care, in addition to induction and NVQ certification, all staff are provided with continuous training opportunities and professional development in order to embed knowledge and good practice to ensure the dignity of our service users is at the centre of everything they do. This also provides confidence in the knowledge that we have a quality workforce who are mindful of ensuring dignity and respect at all times.

We believe our workforce is well versed and confident in promoting this core principle, and we continue to invest in the appropriate training to ensure the dignity and respect of all our service users.

Skills for Care* list 7 core principles to support dignity in the adult social care sector:

  • Value the uniqueness of every individual
  • Uphold the responsibility to share care and support services around each individual
  • Value communicating with individuals in ways that are meaningful to them
  • Recognise and respect how an individual’s dignity may be affected when supported with their personal care
  • Recognise that an individual’s surroundings and environments are important to their sense of dignity
  • Value workplace cultures that actively promote the dignity of everybody
  • Recognise the need to challenge care that may reduce the dignity of the individual

Respect, of course, plays a big part in maintaining dignity. And this is where the importance of relationships between care/support staff and service users comes in. Wellbeing Care staff maintain their professional values showing empathy and respect, promoting a strong culture within our homes and support services, at all times.

Wellbeing Care has Dignity Champions in place to help ensure that these principles are followed at all times and to promote a good solid culture within our homes and support services. 

Following a recent training session, we have designed a Dignity Tree from which we have affixed a series of solar-powered light bulbs, each containing a description of what dignity means to our staff, residents, service users and their families.

With our vision of ‘Care with dignity’ we aim to offer the highest standard of residential care for the elderly, and assisted living support services through our true passion to deliver only the best for our service users.

Upholding an individual’s dignity is at the core of everything we do.

*Skills for Care are a trusted independent charity with over 18 years’ experience in workforce development, working as a delivery partner for the Department of Health and Social Care.

The Dell Care Home, situated in Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, is operated by Wellbeing Care Ltd, and is rated Good by CQC (Care Quality Commission) and is independently rated in the Top 3 Care Homes in the Waveney area.

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