How can Spiritual Activities Enhance Dementia Care?

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“Those with Dementia are still people and they still have stories and they still have character and they’re all individuals and they’re all unique and they just need to interact with on a human level.” – Carey Mulligan

For a person suffering with dementia is a big blow emotionally, socially, psychologically and practically. For them, their world is collapsing with them knowing the least. What we can do at our best, is to offer them a dementia care Support system to cope up well with the condition and feel the least of changes that they are encountering within themselves. Dementia could be having multiple effects. How to communicate with dementia sufferers effectively is also an art that should be developed.  Each sufferer is losing out on something – could be self-esteem, confidence, independence, routine skills, social relationships and so on. What is important is not to see what they have already lost, since that’s unlikely to return. What plays a very significant role is to understand what is still left with them, nurture that through dementia group activities and make them enjoy life with those positive effects.

Dementia care facilities at residential care homes are an ideal choice for sufferers since they offer a happy, healthy and positive dementia care environment, for them to lead their lives independently. Adding value to it, the modern care homes are now well equipped with a large variety of spiritual activities that not only aim to entertain the elders but also focus on their needs and wishes to fulfill them to the optimum. Thinking beyond what one can realise, such spiritual support for people living in elderly care homes is very important for their well-being.

Spiritual Dementia Care Activities

How do Spiritual Dementia Care Activities Benefit the Elderly?

Spirituality has a direct impact on the mental health of all – it’s a known fact. But, for people suffering from mental illness, there is a special effect that it brings along. Getting involved in spiritual activities brings about a lot of dementia support, positive changes in the overall health and happiness of the person, in different ways.

How a person observes spirituality differs at each stage. There are certain highly visible advantages that are noticed when dementia sufferers turn to spiritual dementia activities:

  • Acceptance of illness gracefully and happily
  • Lesser worry and anxiety over a period
  • Reduced stress levels and hence less depression
  • Increased feel to connect with family and friends
  • Enhanced happiness, positivity and enthusiasm
  • Stronger level of satisfaction and happiness towards life
  • Chances of slowdown in the rate of memory weakening thereby making them feel better
  • Higher self-initiated desire to remain healthy and happy

Speritual Activities for Dementia

8 Spiritual Activities for Elderly with Dementia that can Fill their Lives with Happiness and Positivity

  • Read / Recite / Sing Scriptures or Hymns

Even if they have forgotten many a thing, there are certain scriptures or devotional hymns that are integrally engraved in their minds and that surely works. Knowing first what they know of, learn them if you don’t know them, reading out scriptures to them and reciting their favourite songs / hymns gives them immense peace of mind and happiness. And there is a sense of connection that gets built between the care taker and the elderly.

  • Sing their Prayer along with Them

Prayers are something we all have learnt from our childhood and still embossed in our hearts and minds. And hence when we sing their prayer along with them, they may go back into their past and recall their own prayer. Doing a daily activity with them, as they did in the past.

  • Make Them Listen to a Variety of Music

After all, ‘When words fail, music speaks.’ So, says the wise Shakespeare. Known or unknown, spiritual or soft, religious or hymns – could be anything. Music has its own language of healing and that surely works wonders. Of course, they need to have a liking for music, else it boomerangs. Hence, knowing their likes and dislikes is also equally important.

  • Let them Create Stories Based on Images

To have a better relationship between the care taker and the dementia sufferers, one of the activities for people with dementia that largely helps is having story telling sessions, in which based on images showed by the care takers, the elderly is supposed to create their own story line and narrate that. This helps in keeping their brains engaged, questioning with not much strain over remembering their past.

  • Have them Worship their God, Their Own Way

Surrendering yourself to the Almighty is the ultimate route to happiness. Understand and analyse how each sufferer is attached to their God, how they worship, what do they need while worshipping and then arrange all that for them. Help them worship daily in their own way. It gives them a lot of satisfaction feeling more connected to their God as they have been doing for years.

  • Provide Access to Mass Media Relays of Spiritual Stuff

There are a variety of devotional, religious, spiritual programmes that are relayed on a variety of communication networks like the TV, radio, Internet, social media etc. After knowing what they want and like, enable their access to these programmes on a regular basis, as a part of the dementia care facilities. It gives them a great time and peace of mind.

  • Connect Them to Nature, On and Off

Irrespective of what the illness is, it is human nature to get enlightened and happy when you are close to nature. Keeping in mind the limitations that the elderly has, you can take them to various nature drive sites, which are comfortable, reachable and offer them a kind of a change that isn’t available in the local place they live in.

  • Offer them a Calm and Composed Touch by Holding Hands or Giving Massage

Nevertheless, touch has a memory that is most welcomed by the elderly. They yearn for it. Hold their hands, give them a foot or hand massage, rub their shoulders and you will see a big brimming smile on their faces. You can use relevant therapeutic herbs that can offer soothing effects of the same.

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