A ‘Day in The Life’ In Residential Care

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At The Cottage Nursing Home in Northampton, we have built a care home based on trust and safety that nurtures and encourages our residents. Providing a secure and welcoming environment in which residents can feel safe and at home, the care we provide centres around a day with fulfilling and enriching activities to motivate and inspire while ensuring that all needs are met.

Residents of The Cottage Nursing Home are allowed too awake as they please, whether this be naturally, to alarm or to a wake-up from one of our friendly members of staff. During this time, residents often choose to relax in their room, taking in the morning and enjoying a warm cup of tea or coffee over a book or some quiet time for their thoughts.

Residents begin to get washed, dressed and ready for the day. This can be done independently or with the assistance of one of our residential carers, dependent upon the needs of the individual. At 8am, breakfast also begins in the main dining room, and anyone already awake and dressed is free to go downstairs and enjoy the delicious breakfast menu our residential care home in Northampton has to offer.

After breakfast, staff and anyone who wishes to help begin to pack away breakfast, help to clear the table and ready the room for any morning activities taking place. During this time, residents can participate in any group activities taking place, mingle with other residents, enjoy some time in the garden or spend some quiet time alone in the communal areas or their bedroom.

Tea and biscuits are served in the communal areas, giving residents a chance to rest, catch up on any morning activities. For those receiving dementia care, palliative care, or those who are unwell, tea and biscuits can be served privately to them in their own bedroom.

Morning activities recommence, and residents are encouraged to participate in any group work put on our by our Wellingborough care home team.

Lunch is served in the main dining room. Residents may choose from a set menu which offers a nutritious and tasty cooked meal and a dessert.

Residents have the afternoon to take part in any gardening, reading, painting or other activity around our Northampton residential care home, or take a trip into town to see friends or go shopping, with the assistance of our carers.

All residents of our Northampton nursing home sit down to a specially prepared dinner, cooked by our chef to meet any personal requirements. This includes easy to eat food for those receiving Dementia care, palliative care, or those with other special dietary needs.

Residents have the evening to themselves to unwind, read a book, watch a film in communal living room or return to their bedroom to relax. During the evening, at the request of residents, our carers will begin getting everyone ready for bed, helping those who need it to change, brush their teeth and settle down.

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