5 Important Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Care Home

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Once you have made the big decision to move into a residential care home or nursing care home, it’s time to face the even bigger decision of choosing your nursing home in Northampton. Finding a care home with assisted living in Northampton that suits your needs both mentally and physically will play a huge role in your enjoyment of your new adult nursing home.

Below are some key factors you need to consider when choosing the right home for you or your loved one:

Where is the care home located?

The location of the elderly care home you choose is an important factor for most individuals, as you need to consider whether it is easy for family and friends to visit to ensure regular contact can be maintained. You also need to consider whether it is close enough to local amenities, shopping facilities, churches or other places of interest for the individual moving in to care to visit easily and remain active.

Does the care home have a pleasant atmosphere?

It is important to pay close attention to the mental wellbeing and atmosphere of the current occupants of the care home in Northampton you are viewing. It should be a place that you feel comfortable and welcome as soon as you arrive, so that you know feel sure you will enjoy your time there also. The home should also be clean, comfortably sized, well-lit and odourless, with a comfortable room temperature. If it is not a care home that you feel you could feel at home in, then you should continue looking elsewhere.

Will I be able to move around easily?

For the elderly moving in to a nursing home or residential care home, accessibility is a hugely important aspect to consider. With most individuals becoming restricted in their movement as they age, it is important that the care home you choose have facilities in place to prevent you becoming restricted to certain areas of the premises. Is there a lift, wheelchair access or safety rails in place? Is there added support in the bathroom, such as grab bars or disabled toilets?

What are their policies regarding visitors?

Being able to see your loved ones, friend and family regularly is crucial to maintaining mental wellbeing and your enjoyment of your new residential care home. If your new care home’s visitation policies are very constrictive, friends and family may struggle to visit around their working hours. When you view your new home, enquire how often guests are permitted and at what time of day, as well as whether they are welcome on at any planned activities or excursions.

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